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My name is Dr Christophe Galfard.

I hold a Ph.D. in Theoretical Physics from Cambridge University, England.

My supervisor was world-famous Prof. Stephen Hawking, with whom I worked on black holes and the origin(s) of our universe for many years.

Here is a picture of Stephen and me, from back then:

Christophe+swh 2nd

I believe I still have the same jumper.

But I am not at Cambridge anymore, for I now spend pretty much all my time spreading scientific knowledge to the general public, in what I like to call ENTERTAINING WAYS.

I write books and live shows and give public talks. You’ll find all you may want to know about public performances (including upcoming events) in the  public talks & shows section.

And I love to answer questions about how our reality is seen through the eyes of modern scientific understanding.

That is what this website is for.

In the Ask me about the Universe section, you can ask anything you want (as long as it is related to science). I may not answer all the questions at once, but I shall try to at least answer most of them, or to redirect you to someone else’s (good) answer.

And if you happen to be curious, do feel free to browse the answers already written.